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Here are some great links to primary sources:

Library of Congress ... Searches can be done by keyword or from the home page select:

"Popular Topics and Collections" - focus on some of the most used topics in the Library of Congress' collection including the Civil War, the Great Depression, and the Declaration of Independence

        American Memory - general topics with lists to links within the collection including African American history, Native American history, war and military, and the women's movement
        Veteran's History Project - photographs, audio, and written interviews with veterans who served in American wars and conflicts (additional features link to PBS's "The War", a documentary by Ken Burns about WWII)
        Chronicling Newspapers - features some newspapers from selected cities from as far back as colonial times (found under The Library at Work section)
        Global Gateway - select "Portals to the World" provides information and links to libraries, history, culture, etc. all over the world
Library of Congress Catalogs:

         "Prints and Photographs" for online resources includes photographs, maps, illustrations, letters, diaries, and other documents
"Sound" to search for online sound resources such as radio broadcasts, music, or spoken word found in the library's collection
Specific topics and links using Library of Congress' "Virtual Reference Shelf" Web Guides:

(takes us directly to information on the American Revolution with links to resources in the collection)         
(takes us directly to information on the Mexican-American War with links to resources in the collection)
(takes us directly to information on Spanish-American war with links to primary resources in the collection)


http://www.archives.gov/ - Houses government documents including immigration and military records. Search the following highlighted areas:

"Most Requested" including:
        World War II photographs - can search by list including aviation, battles, location, and prisoners, each is captioned
        Native Americans - records of tribes and their dealings with the government
        African Americans -pre/post enslavement records and military enlistments

"Explore and Interact" are online exhibits including:
        Eyewitness - letters, diaries, audio, and film of eyewitness accounts of moments in U. S. history
        The Way We Work - where and how work was done are two of the focus of photos and captions in this exhibit from the mid 19th through 20th centuries
        The New Deal for the Arts - a variety of points of view are examined in this look at the Roosevelt administration's plans to get all Americans working and how artist were employed to practice their crafts during the Depression
        A People at War - examines aspects of Americans who served and who stayed home during World War II and contributions made at every level of the war effort
"America's Historical Documents" - view the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation, Women's Right to Vote, or Elvis's Letter to President Nixon are a few of the documents found here


http://www.americanhistory.si.edu/ - Nicknamed America's Attic, this site features resources found within the Smithsonian's collections

        Explore American History - a time line of exhibits, collections, and programs sorted by theme and era, objects and summaries are found here
On line Exhibits include:
        Jamestown, Quebec, Santa Fe: Three North American Beginnings - available in English, French, and Spanish, this online exhibit discusses the four hundredth anniversary of these three settlements using a variety of primary sources and summaries
        A More Perfect Union - traces the Japanese American experience from immigration in the late 19th century through internment during World War II
        Separate is Not Equal: Brown vs. Board of Education - commemorates the 50th anniversary of this landmark Supreme Court decision with a brief history and reflections both past and present
        The Price of Freedom - examines military conflicts from Colonial times through the Iraq War, get to each conflict using a time line, artifacts are captioned
        The Disability Rights Movement - sparked by other civil rights movements in the 60's and 70's, this exhibit looks at the movement, technology, self definition, and touchable objects


http://www.msa.md.gov/ - home page for the Maryland State Archives with links such as special collections, government documents, and favorites

        "Teaching American History in Maryland" - part of Education & Outreach section of archives featuring topics by era, each article connects to links of primary sources


        History Wiz - World and American history - use the site map to find more specific topics, events, or eras, maps and art are used as primary resources, articles are written for each topic


        Hyper History Online - World and American History -  search for history topics by eras using a time line, topics such as people, religion, culture, politics, events, and science, very brief on the time line but some can be expanded. Each topic has a color code that shows up on the time lines. Blue fonts with lines under them will go to sidebars with short descriptions.

Main Government Site:

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