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Discovery Education Streaming is an online database of videos, video clips and images.  The content comes from sources such asthe Discovery Channel and PBS.  Using targeted video clips is a great way to enrich your lessons.  When new curriculum is written, videos from this service are often

You can also take advantage of great features such as Assignment Builder, which
allows you to create an online site that allows your students to view clips and
images from any computer connected to the Internet.

First:  How to find it?   
will take you to the sign in page (you can also reach this through  Click on Teacher Resources and you will find a link labeled

Second: How do I login?  Your school email address is your username.  See the Wilde
Lake conference on CLC for a password reminder - initial users start with the county
default password.  You may then change your password.

Once you're in, start exploring.  Wow, they have just added the new series
[ ] When We Left Earth: The NASA
Missions.  I just downloaded some clips, pulled them into Windows Movie Maker and
added some titles.  You can do this with any Discovery Education streaming clip.

Click on the Teacher Center link and discover all the help waiting for you.
To get really techie at Unitedstreaming, visit Matt Monjon's blog:

]Geekybird: The Birdhouse

We can help anybody anytime next year - all our resources through HCPSS are pretty

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