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Well done, Padawan Students!

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April 7 is D Week
April 14 is Spring Break
April 21 is A Week
April 28 is B Week

Chapped Lips?
Don't use the Over-the-Counter Stuff!
Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 8.28.53 AM.png
This is what musicians use because it treats the cause and keeps the lips soft.  It's an old trupet player's secret and I'm an old trumpet player.  One tube will last years.  Try it yourself.  And its good for diaper rash if that's a problem at your house, too.  Seriously, the other stuff is like painting over the problem and you can't play with it.  This is the stuff musicians use.

My only (unpaid) endorsement,  Although I do like Alexander Superial Tenorsax Reeds for Jazz...
Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 8.36.14 AM.png
Alright, that makes two...

Music Dates for 2013-14 School Year

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About me...

Here's what I look like when I clean up (Not often).

My Bio and Professional info:

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 11.13.58 AM.png

Now about the EES Band Program!

I teach 4th and 5th grade Instrumental Music at Elkridge ES that is what is referred to as a Pull-Out program.  Students are responsible for following a 4 week rotating schedule that allows them to attend music lessons during Related Arts, Writing and Content.  Content is Science and History.  They are responsible for any work missed during this time and may miss some recess time for make-up lessons and full band rehearsals before concerts.  I try to be sparing about using Recess time because I know they need the time and it's important to their day.

The benefits of playing in band are many.  Google searches will reveal scientific papers, SAT score correlations, and brain science that shows you all kinds of reasons to play a musical instrument.  I have taught music at the College, High School, and Elementary levels and I can tell you that the people that play in band and orchestra are among the finest people in the world.  Bad kids don't carry a trumpet home and practice.  They don't play in marching band in high school and they don't march in parades in wool uniforms.  They make lifelong friendships and support each other in school.  

Call 'em band geeks!  They use their brains at a higher level than most people ever get to in their life.  The players in my community band work in all levels of jobs.  One of my players misses rehearsals because he has to go launch rockets from Hawaii.  Others travel the world in their jobs.  And they keep playing their instruments through college and beyond.

An Abject Apology...

Every year, I have a really nice web page, but CLC, the school system will delete pictures, move items, and make my pretty page look like an amateurish page.  I check every chance I can, but I can't keep up with it.  Please accept my apology if it looks like things are awry.  It started out really nice!!!

 Playing an instrument is a physical accomplishment that involves a constant improvement through practice.  
It's only playing when the work is done.

Don't let your child leave the instrument at school.  It doesn't belong in the classroom and the classroom teacher does not have time to make sure your child is doing his/her job.

Don't let siblings play your child's instrument.  Many of the broken reeds and bent keys are the direct result of older and younger siblings getting their hands on the instruments.  Make the rules clear about who plays.

Don't let Dad get out the pliars and vice grips to get out a stuck mouth piece.  I have an expensive mouthpiece puller that can do that without destroying the lead pipe.  Really.  Just bring it into school protected as well as you can and watch me work my magic.

Let me know if you need an instrument for no cost for the year.  Instruments go to those students who would not otherwise be in band because of financial difficulties.  

The donations this year will be used to purchase a new french horn, because our horns are probably 20 years old.

Fill out and email to:

and please send a check in an envelope made out to:

Elkridge ES Band

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Try the newly updated Kennedy Center Website:

Fingerings!  Here!

Tools of My Trade


Stonehenge, Salisbury, England

Bandhenge, Elkridge, Maryland



Elkridge, MD 21075

I compose music written for the bands at Elkridge.  Pieces like The Furnace Inn March, The Ebony Rag, Colonial Dance
and Elks Pride have become very popular with the students.  If you go to, you will see my music for sale.

Elementary band is taught as a Pull-Out during Specials and Content Subjects.
Students are scheduled for 1/2 hour lessons, twice a week with a 4 week rotating
schedule.  This means that they will usually only miss 1/2 of an hour once a month.
Students in band and strings have been shown to maintain their academic standing and
even improve with the added stimuli of music lessons.  Playing an instrument is a
life experience and is many student's bridge to Middle and High School.

Commitment is an important part of playing an instrument.  Talent takes everyone but
so far.  Mozart, the child prodigy, always complained that everyone assumed his
musical skills were easy to him, when in fact his father Ludwig Mozart worked him
mercilessly.  Expect a minimum of three 20 minute practice times a week at home.
Students do not enjoy playing in instrument when they lag behind their friends!  Set
up a time, just like home work to practice.  Ask your child to play their latestsongs.


Elkridge ES is blessed to have an active PTA who work tirelessly to provide
instruments and materials for students who have financial difficulty.  If you are
one of those families, we are able to provide instruments and materials of
instruction for no charge, or for anything you can afford.  I have school trumpets,
Trombones, Baritones, Flutes and Clarinets.  Don't let money stand in the way of
your child's chance to be a musician.  Parents need to contact me via telephone,
email, or a note from home.

After students with financial needs are taken care of, you may apply for a school
instrument.  Email, phone call or a note from home and let me know if you are
interested.  There is a Repair/Replacement Fee of $40 for the school year.  It's
used to maintain and replace instruments.

Books cost $9 for Woodwinds and Brass and $10 for Percussionists.  Do not buy books
at the music store!  I will buy them for you and save a return trip to the store if
you get the wrong one!  

This is an example of how the program takes my page and scatters it...

Rebecca Borden Hutton, My Great, Great Grandmother
Her son was Charles6612_102244_0.png was Thelma Jane Hutton who married Leonard S Wampler, Sr.
Their son was Leonard Wampler, Jr who married Dorothy Mae Greaves and I was their third
(and favorite, no matter what they say) child.

Rebecca Borden                          

Charles Virgil Donahoe who was married to Bettie6612_102857_3.pngnnie Lee Donahoe who married Charles Lee Hutton.
Charles Virgil Donahoe was a soldier in the Civil War.

LS Wampler, SR (R), My Grandfather with Cpl Ficquett in St. Nazaire, F6612_102334_1.pnged in WWI together.

My Family

The lady above is my Great-Great Grandmother Rebecca Borden Hutton Miller who lived during the time of the Civil War.  Her son was Charles Lee Hutton who married Nannie Lee Donahoe, Daughter of Charles Virgil Donahoe.  I have pictures of many more and lots of family history that can either mesmerize or bore you to death depending upon whether you are a hitory buff or not.  That my introduction to me!  I grew up in Orange, Virginia, right in the middle of where the Civil War was fought and have always had an interest in history from an early age.  

Here is a picture of my Grandfather, L.S. Wampler (Rl
Ficquet in St. Nazaire, France.  They served in France together during World War I
in 1918-19.  My grandfather was a teacher and a principal in Virginia until he was
drafted to go to France.  He never fought - he worked for the Remount Squadron,
supplying horses, because cars and trucks were still new!  I have the very uniform
he is shown here with, his letters to his girlfriend, Thelma (Who I used to call
Grandma) and several items from World War I.

Cpl. Ficquet went on to become a school superintendent and has an elementary school
named after him.  This picture was taken in the spring of 1919.  I will have a
picture of me as well as some of my students throughout the year.

My grandfather went on to have a chicken farm in Scottsville, Virginia and he had
two sons, Norman and my father, Leonard.  Later, he worked for the US Postal Service
in Alexandria, VA.  He died the year before I was born.  My father was being trained
as a fighter pilot at the end of World War II.  Just before he was to go to Japan
for the anticipated "Battle of Japan," the decision was made to use
nuclear weapons and the war was ended.  My father passed away in 2008 at the age of
86.  His brother, Norman was in the Battle of Normandy, known as D-Day or Operation
Overlord on June 6, 1944.  Norman was a career Army Officer and passed away in July
2010 in Warrenton, VA.  He is buried in Arlington Cemetery because he was a highly
decorated Army Officer.

Here I am after skydiving in Orange, Virginia where my son Phillip and I are celebrating his graduation from high school.

May he rest in peace after his parachute didn't open after his second jump.  

Just kidding.

I grew up.  I worked at

I used to ride race horses at the Round Hill Horse Farm from age 12 to 2711_14446_0.jpgthem and train them to race at the Charlestown Race Track in West Virginia.

 Between racehorses and motorcycles, I got to see lots of Emergency Rooms!

The Montpelier Races take place every first weekend in November just a few miles from where I grew up.

One of my first playing jobs was playing post call for the races.

What I do in my spare t6612_103351_4.jpg2010 World Series of Poker Main Event at the Rio in Las Vegas.e Rio in Las Vegas

I have two sons in college and spend time at poker tables in
Atlantic City, Las Vegas and in WSOP2010.jpgIn fact, I played in the World Series of Poker
Final event in 2010.  

I was on TV because I was at Phil Ivey's table on Day 2b.

when he busted out.  

Ivey is the top ranked poker player in the world.  But in Tournament play, you play so manyPhilzTable.jpge that you play against so many people that you win hands against many well known players.  It's the hands you lose that you remember!


One of my custom poker chips!

I also am an avid student of historf Ancient Egypt(Kemet6612_103859_5.png WWII.

I also study Tai Chi Chuan, known commonly as Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword.  I have a
sword collection that includes two Civil War swords, a Chinese Sword from around the
1870's, and my personal custom made double bladed Tai Chi Sword, made for me in
Taiwan.  Too bad I can't bring them to school and share them with you!  

Why I like History.  

My ancestor, Charles Virgil Donahoe War
and rode with "The Grey Ghost" Col. Moseby at various times.  Another
ancestor, Lenard Hutton was a CSA soldier and was wounded during the Battle of Droop
Mountain.  His nurse, Elizabeth Miller, married him and had a son, Charles, who was
my Great-Great Grandfather.

My Grandfather, Leonard Wampler, was a conscientious objector during the Great War,
known to us as WWI.  In spite of that, he was drafted into the 327th Remount
Squadron in St. Nazaire, France.  Leonard's Two sons, Leonard and Norman were
soldiers in WWII.  My Uncle was at D-Day in Normandy, Day Three, Korea, and Viet
Nam.  My father, Leonard was in the Army Air Corps which became the US Air Force.

My bio.  A native of Virginia, I entered the US Army as a bandsman in 1976, attended the US Army School of Music at the Little Creek Amphibious Base in Norfolk, VA, and was assigned to Fort Hood, TX.  I played Trumpet in the band, played Taps for hundreds of funeral services and was also a Flutist/Saxophonist with the band.  

I conducted musicals like "Pippin," "Jesus Christ, Superstar," and "Hello, Dolly" and, believe it or not, was a choir director at up to 4 churches at a time.  After leaving Fort Hood, I spent a year with Dr. Sterling P. (Dutch) Cossaboom before attending the University of CT in Storrs, CT.  I taught at Spaulding HS in Barre, VT, Plainfield HS in Central Village, CT, Edison HS in Alexandria, VA and River Hill HS in Clarksville, MD.  

And now I'm here in Elkridge, writing elementary band music and teaching 4th and 5th grade musicians.  Where will I go next?  Where the wind blows, I hope.

[Image:CHOPS 2011-12.pdf]

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