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There used to be picture of me right here!
Now it's my Great-Great Grandfather Charles V. Donahoe

Donahoe BW (2).jpg
And his wife Bettie M. Donahoe

Bettie Donahoe shortly after CV's Death2 Bluefield, VA.jpg

Here's his release from being a prisioner of war during the Civil War.  He was held at the Old Capitol Jail in Washington, D.C.

Donahoe POW Release.jpg

Bettie Widow Application0.jpg
Here's is Bettie's Application for a Widow's Pension.


Steven Wampler was born and raised in Virginia.  He grew up in historic
Orange County, home of Montpelier, President Zachary Taylor's birthplace
and President James Madison's estate, the winter home of the Confederate
Army under General Robert E. Lee in 1863 and the location of Germanna, the
first iron smelting mills in the colonies, predating Elkridge's mills.

During the Civil War, trains filled with the wounded soldiers passed
through Orange Town Center on the way to Gordonsville, then one of the
largest areas where several train tracks crossed.  The Battle of the Wilderness is 15 minutes from where I grew up.  I have two Civil War swords, one US Cavalry Saber and one CSA Bayonette.  These have generated a
life-long love of history and events.   

I love my Egyptian replicas and often present a history of Egypt to GT Classes at EES.

Mr. Wampler's Story

Growing up across the street from a race horse farm, Hill Top Stables, it
was inevitable that he would be riding them by the time he was fourteen
years old.  He also rode motorcycles, and between the two hobbies, spent a
great deal of time in emergency rooms.  Skydiving, bungee jumping - it's
all fun!  After he graduated from high school he spent a short time in the
Panama Canal Zone, operating heavy machinery to build a shooting range for
the US Army.  He has swum in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean less than a
hour apart and in the Panama Canal itself.  He learned not to pick bananas
and mangos from a tree (Spiders, Scorpions and Snakes! Oh, my!).  

Mr. Wampler has taught band for over 30 years at the high school, college
and now, elementary level.  He was an army bandsman from 1976-79 and
performed with the US Continental Band at Fort Monroe, Virginia and at the
2nd Armored Division Band in Fort Hood, Texas.  Although Mr. Wampler was a
Trumpet Player when he entered, he left with the classification of
Saxophone and Flute Player and performed on several other instruments.
While at Fort Hood, he conducted several shows and was the winner of the
1979 FORSCOM Best Conductor Award for the show, "Pippin."  

I was a handsome baby.  Here I am at Whitehall near Charlottesville, VA with my mother.  
Through my mother's side I am descended from a pirate, "Red Legs" Greaves,
of who the movie "Captain Blood" is based.  Google him!  He's very interesting.

After leaving the Army, Mr. Wampler attended college in Texas for a year
and transferred to the University of Connecticut where he received his
B.S. in Music Education.  During that time, he studied conducting with
Larry Ratcliffe, Dr. Dutch Cossaboom, Craig Kierchoff and H. Robert

Soon after, he became the band director at Spaulding High School in Barre,
Vermont.  His band was chosen by Governor Madeline Kunin to perform in the
first ever National Observance of Martin Luther King Day.  They marched in
Atlanta, Georgia down Peachtree Avenue in front of Dr. King's family and
other statesmen.  

After teaching for a year in Connecticut, Mr. Wampler became a Graduate
Assistant with Gary Green at the University of Connecticut where he
received his M.M. in Music Education and Conducting.  

Mr. Wampler then moved to Northern Virginia and became the Director of
Bands at Edison High School in Fairfax County, Virginia.  During his 8
years at Edison, his band's were consistently awarded Superior Ratings in
Concert, Jazz and Marching contests.  In 1996, Mr. Wampler moved to River
Hill High School in Howard County, Maryland.  In 2000, the River Hill Jazz
Bands toured France and Switzerland and performed in the Montreaux,
Villaneuve, and Vienne Jazz Festivals.  

In 2003, Mr. Wampler began his career in Elementary Band at Elkridge
Elementary School in historic Elkridge, Maryland.  He began composing band
music and now has several pieces in consideration for publishing.  His
pieces reflect the area's history and people who were instrumental in
making America great.  His pieces include:  Gen. John Striker's Militia,
The Hearths of Elkridge, Elk's Pride, The Dorsey Furnace March, Sing,
Joshua, Sing! and the Relay Station March.  Several other pieces are in
the works!  

Here I am at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.  I played Event 52, No Limit Hold 'em.  
The reason I look so unhappy is that the person to my left just re-raised my 600 chip raise with pocket 10's with a 1000 chip raise.  
I lost that event, but won a Tournament at Planet Hollywood.  
I've also won events at Binions Casino in Las Vegas, The Borgata, Caesars, the Taj, Ballys, and
more in Atlantic City.

In his personal life, Mr. Wampler is divorced and has a college student at
UMBC and a Junior at Howard High School.   In addition to collecting jazz
autographs of such artists as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke
Ellington, Charlie Parker and Eubie Blake, he is a poker player and plays
tournaments in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Maryland area.  Collecting Coins dating from 1711 from around the world has also been fun.  Many of Mr. Wampler's world coins are from students who have traveled and brought him one or two back from their travels.

When my son graduated from Howard High School, I posted signs like this around my neighborhood.  
He was quite surprised to see them when he drove home after graduation.  

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